Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Potion

LP no 9 by Penhaligon was obviously named from the song, and is obviously marketed to a younger customer, somethign that the Penhaligon House needs to conquer.  Just look at the bottle, it looks like something you can get from Victoria's Secret (even the font is 'young')  It has a very citrussy opening, but it quickly goes into floral territory, then has a woody-ambery drydown. It is welldone, well-blended, and wears quite well, a little bit more formal, and is more suited for 'evening wear.' It is inoffensive, but also somewhat generic and kind of boring. I like it, but it just isn't unique enough for me to want to pull it out from my collection. I have had it for a while, and son't wear it often, only pulling it out today because it reminded me of Valentine's Day. It has good sillage, but not tenacious and overbearing. and right now as I write this, I forget it. And as for it's magical partner-baiting powers, well, I don't expect to be waking up with someone tomorrow. But then again, one can hope so let me spritz some more, just in case.

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