Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time In New Orleans

On surface, this is yet another "standard" gay coming-of-age story, and that's fine by me. I love knowing how we all come to a certain place in our lives. This is a story of Mason, who grew up in rural Mississippi, and how he deals with being gay in his environment. He has a "best friend" Billy, who he is in love with and literally after graduation, Billy takes a bus to New York City. Mason gets to spend a weekend in New Orleans with his aunt who runs a drag queen theater, and he is hooked. It was a very interesting story, it didn't bore me, and I liked experiencing the flavor of New Orleans gay life, as I have never been there and have always heard that the scene over there is interesting. The characters were interesting enough, although some of the ones around the main character were stereotypes and were never fully developed. I kind of wish the novel were a bit longer, as I didn't want to say goodbye to Mason yet. There were more than a couple of typos, though, and find those a little unforgivable with published work. 


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