Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Start Spreading The News

It would be almost redundant to say that I love New York, and I loved "I Heart New York."  Life has been tough lately, for me, and for a lot of my friends, and I just want to escape sometimes, and this book is just what I need right now. Angela Clark is at her best friend's wedding and she discovers her fiancee schtumping someone at the back seat of his car and to make matters worse, all her friends knew about it and turned a blind eye. Hurt, she takes a flight to New York City, and starts a reinvention. As someone who lived in YC for 27 years, the next parts of the story, initially, were pretty hard to swallow. She befriends her concierge, she gets taken under her wings, and things start to magically happen for her. I know the city only too well and can say that things don't come too easy, but then I had to stop myself from analyzing and suspend disbelief, and told myself to just enjoy the story, pretend it's a fairy tale, and let go. And let go I did, and before I knew it I was immersed. Sure, there were very predictable twists, but Lindsay Kelk is clever enough of a storyteller that towards the end of the novel, Angela was faced with a dilemma, and what do you know - I was right there with her holding my breath - waiting for a final resolution to the plot twist presented. I adored the book, it made me feel young, it made me feel carefree, and it reminded me of how I felt once upon a time when I, too, was a young soul in a wonderful city that never sleeps. This book is like a sugary sweet cotton candy that made me laugh, made me smile, and made me feel alive! Sure, they were empty calories, but darnit, it felt so good going down. On days like lately, it was a welcome distraction.


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