Monday, February 27, 2012

Smash Episode 4: Half A Diva

Wow. I have read that this episode was a good one, where the series starts to get its groove, and I was scared to expect too much. Well, the good news is that they were right, this is the best episode since the pilot. The story moved, and I like where it is going. All the expositions from the past two episodes are starting to pay off. First of all, I love the rehearsals scenes. They give you a glimpse of the process of constructing a musical. While I have been borderline Team Ivy before, I think, after this episode, I still am. Yes, even if she has started to become a lot less sympathetic. But then again, Karen has also started to be less sympathetic for me as well. I thought she was acting too "entitled" in the rehearsal scenes. I wanted to tell her, "For better or worse, you are in the chorus and you need to listen to what the creative team is telling you." In the real world, I doubt the director would have tolerated her tantrum. Chorus girls are a dime a dozen in NYC and you can walk down Ninth Avenue and can easily find a swift replacement for her.  And this us vs them team is a little too "Mean Girls" though it is delicious and campy. The insertion of pop songs aren't as organic as I want them to be, but  they were great, so I am not complaining. Nick Jonas was a revelation for me. I just saw him on "Watch What Happens Live" and his character here is very different from how he i sin real life, so his performance here was quite believable so I would say he has acting chops.  And the hopeless romantic in me really loves the Michael/Julia storyline  and I really like where that is going. And I am even getting used to Anjelica Houston's caricaturish character, as much as she tries to humanize it. And I also am liking the Tom/lawyer storyline as well, a testament to Christian Borle. I keep on forgetting that he is not only a gay man, but a playboy in real life. It's really starting to come together. I can't wait till next week. 

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