Monday, February 20, 2012

Smash Ep3 : Love Is Found At Brooklyn Bridge

Episode 3 for me was not as bad as I thought it would be. There was that piece on Huffington Post saying that this episode was not going to be the best, and while I do agree, I think this episode was much needed because it set up a lot of exposition for various story lines in the series. First of all, I loved the story between Deb Messing and Michael (played by Will Chase) Maybe it's the old romantic in me, but I found myself pulling for them, even though it is evident that they shouldn't be right for each other. He's married with a new child, she's in a stable marriage. (Incidentally, there are parallels in real life, as both Deb and Will allegedly left their respective partners for each other. They are now engaged.) I found the scene at Brooklyn Bridge very romantic, and I want them back together, darn it. Also, I think the show does a great balance of mixing the pop music numbers with the original songs. I liked both Will's Bruno Mars scene and even Kat's Gretchen Wilson number, even if I totally do not dig that song at all. I loved loved loved the closing number, and it gives us a sense of the musical as it is coming to fruition. I wish Anjelica Houston's scenes weren't so contrived, and couldn't they get a better villan than Ellis? More and more I am thinking Megan Hilty is the perfect choice for Marilyn but at the same time I am pulling for Kat. I am so confused, and it is a wonderful confusion. I look forward to next week's episode - they're doing Adele! 

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