Monday, February 20, 2012

The End Of Innocence

We all had our last summer of innocence, before we crossed over to that stage wherein we realize that we really aren't kids anymore, yet we ask the question, "Are we adults yet?" It's a subgenre that isn't really fresh, but I like it. Plot wise, there really isn't much here, it's more  "slice of life" than anything else. But a lot of things happen. Dade Hamilton is tryng to extricate himself from an ex who is confused about his sexuality (he is the only one confused about it, though, as we all know) and meets another guy, who is a part-time drug dealer to the popular kids in school. I find I cannot relate to a lot of the drug use and partying they do, but then I venture that is what kids these age do. I can relate, though, to a lot of the mixed feelings of dealing with first love, or whatever you define these relationships you have when you are that age. I think the novel is well-written, and my interest was kept the whole time. I had a feeling that normally I wouldn't have liked these kids, but I did. The ending(s) were a little too predictable, and there is this weird sub-plot of a missing girl that went nowhere for me. Still, I am glad that they are still writing these kinds of books, though, for I could imagine they would make some kind of emotional impact for younger readers. I hear it's a pretty successful title, and there are even plans of movie-izing it. 


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