Friday, February 10, 2012

To Be 29

"Regrets, I've had a few," so goes some of the lyrics from the song "My Way," and yes when we have lived a fuller life we find ourselves asking "what if..." and that is the premise of Adena Halpern's book "29."  A 75 year old woman blows her birthday cake and she wishes she were 29 for a day, and she wakes up and her wishes come true. So she spends a present-day as a 29 year old of her former self. It's a clever enough ploy for a novel, and I looked forward to reading it. For the most part, I had fun reading the book. I went along with it, and found it not too light, and there is a deep message in there that is uplifting and made me think about my life. I wish the tone was more even, as I was less interested in the cooky slapstick-y parts, but I understand why it was put there. I read recently that this book was bought to be developed as a motion picture(that was actually the reason why I pulled it out of my TBR pile) and I could see someone like Cameron Diaz having fun with it, and I actually think this might be one of those instances wherein it will make a better movie than a novel.  


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