Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couches Are For Slepping When You're Bored

"On The Couch" is my first Alison Kwitney book, and even though I *should* have read her before, I haven't because I thought her books were "mystery" and "crime" with human emotion thrown in. But recently, I have been getting more and more interested in crime stories, so I said now would be the right time to start with her books. I randomly chose "On The Couch." It may not have been the wisest choice, and I hope it does not turn me off the genre. It's a hot mess - it couldn't decide if it wants to be a mystery, or a sexed-up love story, and neither part has any depth to be effective. It had a good premise, and I have no problems suspending disbelief for an interesting plot. It just dragged on and on, and as I continued reading, I cared less and less about the characters. Th "mystery" part wasn't intelligent enough for me to want to pay attention to it, and when it was "resolved," I think even the main characters were bored with the outcome. I'll do better next time. 


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