Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Art Of Healing (Television Thoughts; A Gifted Man/Hart Of Dixie)

For some reason, I got drawn this season to two new shows, both about doctors. I am thinking it is a coincidence, but maybe it is subliminal, as I recently started working in the medical field. Or maybe I am just getting old - I never really liked hour long dramas before, but now... In any event, I first got attracted into watching "A Gifted Man" because of its star, Patrick Wilson. In my opinion, Mr. Wilson is an "old reliable." He is excellent in every role I have seen him in, whether it be on stage (he is a Broadway veteran) or movies. Well, it looks like he is as great on television. As the gifted man in "A Gifted Man," he is the best thing in the show. He plays a top neurosurgeon who is on top of his game, and on top of the world. Well, until the "ghost" of his ex-wife starts appearing before him. It's kind of a hokey premise, but with Jennifer Ehle playing the ex-wife, anyone would be game. A Broadway fanatic like me is just in ecstasy every week seeing these two seasoned theater actors at the top of their game. The show is more of the disease-of-the-week variety at times, but there's enough human drama involved that it still keeps my attention week after week.

Meanwhile, over at the CW, Rachel Bilson returns to series television with "Hart Of Dixie," a "fish out of the water" series about a young doctor who moves from New York City to Bluebell, Alabama. And... hilarity and drama ensues. I almost gave up on this show because I am just not 100% convinced that Ms. Bilson is a doctor. Plus, most of the supporting characters started out grating and unlikeable. About four episode in, though, I am still on board. Perhaps that heat wave episode where everyone was half-naked kept my attention? This show is chock-full of eye-candy, and shallow as I am, it is keeping me glued.

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