Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Until You've Smelled The Meaning Of The Blues (Scent Thoughts: Wild Bluebell, Jo Malone)

That little beloved good girl Jo Malone is getting frisky. The whole Malone line is known for its quiet countryside scents - perfect for those nice girls who have a keen sense of style *and* they go to church. I have always imagine the Jo Malone girl to be very trendy, very girly,  and sexy only in the subtlest of ways. But it seems like the company is gearing towards a different direction. Look at the ad for their latest fragrance, "Wild Bluebell," and it reminds you of something from Vivienne Westwood or John Galliano.  The fragrance itself is quite unique in the sense that besides it, I can only think of one other Bluebell scent: Penhaligon's Bluebell. I have that one, and like it lots, but I always think of it as a "museum fragrance." I often look at it, smell the cap, admire the scent, but never really wear it. Jo Malone's "Wild Bluebell" is quite different from that one.  Perfumer Christine Nagel has concocted a real floral scent,  and it smells like a bouquet of flowers literally just picked from the fields. I was in London when I first smelled it, and it was love at first sniff. I knew I had to have it right then and there because it smelled so different, so alive, so modern. The top note that was to die-for for me was lily of the valley, and it is strong and quite pungent. I think I have written that I have been in love with white florals lately, and this just fit the bill. The lily note is rounded out by other white flowers - freesia, osmanthus, jasmine, maybe a hint of tuberose - and the over all effect could be heady, but just like everything I put on my skin, it turned sweet right away for me. It is a very transparent sweetness that stays with me till the end, as the fragrance is pretty linear.  The scent has medium sillage, and is very close to the skin. I find it lasts a full day of wearing it, as I find myself smelling my arm over and over again in the evening. This scent is probably one of those you will either love or hate, but I am sure it will make an impression on you. 

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