Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too Much For One's Heart

Sometimes, simple stories just get to you. "Heart Of The Matter" isn't Emily Giffin's best novel (it's a little dry and sober) but there were times when I was reading this book when I just couldn't help myself; I found myself sobbing. Told in the voices of two women, I felt like I knew these women - I empathized with them, I related with their plight, I cried their tears. The book centers around a story of infidelity, and it does seem like a simple story, but really, we all know that nothing is at simple as it seems. This story is a testament to that statement. Each character is flawed, but that's what makes them more real. They just act and react based on the circumstance they are faced. There is no "bad guy" in here, just three dimensional realized characters, with personalities so vividly written by Ms. Giffin. I especially liked the fact that each woman has a distinct voice (chapters are alternately written in first and third voices)  If I have to "critical," I could note that some of the situations are wrung for maximum dramatic effect, and there are holes in the plot, but just like a romantic movie, the characters are so believable you can suspend some of your disbelief and you go along for the ride. I was so particularly drawn in the character of Valerie that at one point I was shouting out loud, "Can't she get a break?" Thank God I wasn't at a public place, or people would have looked at me like I was crazy.  Up to now, I still feel about these characters, and I am left wondering about them. 

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