Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bad Sailing

Since I love cruising, when Amazon "suggested" an e-book to me a book about cruise stories for just a dollar, I immediately clicked and said, why not. Well, sting me, why don't you. "Cruise Ship Stories," is a total waste of my time. Never mind the dollar I wasted, but my precious time ! I have so many books lined up to be read, and I read this sad excuse of a book. That is why nowadays I am so wary about eBooks. Any Tom, Dick, Jane or Harriett can think they are authors and try to sell you their writing, when they can barely form sentences. If I were reading this as an actual book, and had a red Sharpie, no doubt I would have spent my whole time crossing all the grammatical errors here. I think Amazon should be a little more choosy in what they sell, actually. I blame them for this travesty. How could they even stock this thing in their catalogue? This is pure trash in every sense of the word.


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