Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kiss Me Once (Film Thoughts: Judas Kiss)

Sometimes you watch a film and you get so frustrated because it could have been better, and in fact you root for it to be better, only to end up being disappointed by it. Such is the case with "Judas Kiss," a film I had been eagerly awaiting to see since it started doing the rounds of the film festival circuit. I liked the idea of the movie : wherein a character meets the younger version of himself, and he is put in a position to change the direction of his life.  It's a case of "If I knew then what I know now" kind of thing. That premise was set up quite well in this movie, but sadly, something went amiss in the narrative. They say in a case of suspending disbelief, what would make it successful for anyone is good acting. In this movie, we get half of that. Up and coming young actor Richard Harmon successfully narrates the younger version of the character Danny ReyesJr./Zach Wells. He has just enough vulnerability/bravado/cockiness  which showed us why the young character felt "doomed." However, Charlie David just doesn't have the acting intuitiveness to pull off the same character. It seemed that he focused more on the external/physical aspects, by affecting a cigarette habit, or carefully tossing a well-coiffed hairdo, which he substituted in place of developing a believable character. Sean Paul Lockhart plays the sensitive boy-that-got-away and he is terrific (think of him as a young gay version of James Marsden) He has infinite charm, and surprising depth. I wish his character was less thankless since he lights up the screen whenever he is on. Ultimately, I would borderline recommend this movie, if only to see Harmon's and Lockhart's performance. I hope these two actors would find more worthwhile vehicles next time 'round. 

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