Sunday, October 2, 2011

London Love Call (Book Thoughts: "The Last Letter From Your Lover, " Jojo Moyes

Sometimes you read something, and it just grabs you from page one. I started reading this book when I was in London, because it was set in London. While I was there, I wanted to feel place and connect the book with my surroundings. Truly, a lot of people consider Paris or Venice as most romantic of all the world, but I do believe London can be romantic as well.  "The Last Letter From Your Lover" is a poignant romantic story gloriously set in Londontown. For hopeless romantics like myself, it is like hitting pay dirt. Jennifer Stirling wakes up from a car accident losing a lot of her memory, but she knows she is in love with someone...other than her husband. How we learn her love story is written in a non-linear way, and it's suspenseful, and thrilling. I love how the story, just like real life, takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns. It's an old-fashioned romance, the kind I sometimes think they don't write anymore, and it is written beautifully by Jojo Moyes, with teh words strung like poetry. Lovers correspond through letters, and I envy the time when lovers write to each other. Nowadays, it's email and text, and it's just not the same. Moyes parallels two stories, a grand one from the 1960s, and one from present day. Some things are so different, yet emotions, feelings, and human nature, they do not change. I found myself drawn to the Jennifer Stirling character, so much so I still think about her story, what might have been, what is... When I get back to London, I will look at each street, each park, each monument a little differently after reading book - looking for a scene, a sign, a someone. That's what a good book will do to me. 


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