Friday, October 7, 2011

Carrie's Wish (Stage Thoughts: Wishful Drinking)

"If you never saw 'Star Wars,' then what the hell are you doing here?" asked Carrie Fisher in the middle of her one-woman show "Wishful Drinking." Well, confession time. I never ever saw any of the Star Wars movies, nor the ones with Empires or Jedis. Yes, I do realize that I may be the only person in the world who is a Star Wars virgin, but I will take any virginity where I can take it. So, you see, perhaps that was the reason why I never saw her show on Broadway. I know she has a couple of books out, but I remember starting to read one and never finishing it. When the show, which was broadcast on HBO finally hit DVD, I figured why not, and saw it. I liked it enough - there weren't any revelations to me, and I can't discern why. Maybe I have read enough about her to be knowledgeable enough about her drug addictions, and even her marriages to Paul Simon and Bryan Lourd. I guess that she has been fodder for the gossip columns enough. The show is thin, but I think the DVD version may be judiciously edited - there are bits that are missing. I know I remember reading an audience participation portion wherein she calls people to wear her Princess Leia wig and that portion is not on this version. I like *her* more after watching the show - she seems pretty grounded, self deprecating without being too self pity-ish. And the show itself may not be worth a top price of $110.00, but streamed through  Netflix on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, one could have worse options. 

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