Monday, October 17, 2011

Nature Sounds (Music Thoughts: Biophilia, Bjork)

Musically, there's no one like Bjork. I don't think she makes music in the basic definition of music. I think she defines her music as her own. Truly, everything she does is a work of art.  She creates something, she nurtures it, she presents it, and you are baffled, you are challenged. Sometimes you understand. I will not lie and say I have understood everything she has done. One thing is certain, though, I always learn from her music. I always ask myself, doubt myself. Her music always makes me think, makes me explore things I have never considered before. I may not always appreciate it, but I always admire it, like any work of a true genius. Her new album, "Biophilia" is no exemption. The concept of the album is the exploration of algorithms in nature - she said in an interview that she wanted to make music that sounded like gravity. So because this is music like I have never heard before, I really can't tell if it succeeds or not. It just is. I would have to listen to it a hundred times, and by then I still won't know if I get it. I may never. But at the same time, it may catch me at some unguarded moment, and I will discover what it is all about. That's Bjork, and that's why I love her. 

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