Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everything's Rosie Again (TV Thoughts: The Rosie Show on OWN)

I remember when Rosie O 'Donnell had her daytime talk show, I used to record them everyday on my VCR (remember those?)  She was fun, she loved what I loved, and she had the creme of the crop guests then. I remember watching her show every night when I got home from work. When she had her stint at "The View," i didn't tune in as much: even though I still liked her, and even agreed with her politics, she seemed a little too angry then, too out-there, too over-the-top. Plus, I couldn't stand to watch Elisabeth Hasselback everyday. Now, she is back with a talk show which was very similar to her daytime one, and this Rosie is kind of new, too. She's a lot more grounded, sort of like a Mother Goose Lesbian, and she doesn't seem as angry, and by golly, she is still a lot of fun. I think the show is still in "development" stage, I venture they are still ironing out what works and what doesn't by trial and error, but I like it enough for me to keep on saving it on my DVR.  I like her earth mother granola vibe - she is honest, and at times cringe-worthy, but all in all nothing that's a dealbreaker. I wasn't too happy with her initial telecast guest - Russell Brand, but it has improved 10000 % since then. As Lisa Kudrow said to her the other day, "Compared to the Real Housewives, we are a breath of fresh air," and I agree. The real Housewives exhaust you, The Rosie Show will (gasp) entertain! Imagine that!

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