Monday, June 10, 2013

Full Of Grace (Television Review: Graceland, Thursdays on USA Network)

Let's not kid each other.  I watched the pilot episode of "Graceland" for one and one reason only: Aaron Tveit. He is a cutie, he is a hottie, he is a stud muffin - I will run out of cliche descriptions to describe him. I have seen him on Broadway a couple of times, and he has a wonderful stage presence. On stage, he can sing, he can act, he projects. I wanted to see if his charms translates to the small screen (I know he had a recurring role in Gossip Girl, but I never followed that show religiously) This series was developed by Jeff Eastin, who also created "White Collar," so I know he has a history of featuring handsome men in television shows (see Matt Bomer) Well, after watching the pilot, I am a bit underwhelmed. I wish there was more here - Tveit brought his A game but I felt there's something missing somewhere. His character is a bit underdeveloped, even as he is featured prominently in the show. Mike Warren, the character he plays, (and can they choose a more boring name?) graduated at the top of his class in Quantico and he gets assigned in Graceland, a beachfront property where undercover agents from different agencies live. Theoretically, he is intelligent, but is that enough for him to be assigned here? We find out at the end of the pilot - there's an interesting twist - but aside from that, Mike Warren is a blank. I hope we get to know more about him in succeeding episodes because there's not much here for me to keep interested. 

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