Friday, June 21, 2013

My Summer With Philosykos (Perfume Review: Diptyque Philosykos EDT)

I remember when I first sniffed Diptyque Philosykos, I was hit by conflicting emotion. On one hand, I thought it was such a unique scent: a little dirty, a little sweet, and was so unlike any perfume I had ever smelled before. It was my very first "niche" scent, and it both challenged and pleased me. Why would someone want to smell that earthy, I thought. But I got it, and wore it, and I remember it was summer time. Philosykos, by Olivia Giacobetti (she is still one of my favorite noses) is light and ethereal, and the perfume was fleeting. I remember I always kept the bottle with me and would reactivate the scent two or three times a day. And honestly, I got some weird reactions from office mates. Some liked it, but I had more of those "you smell weird" comments. I remember that summer vividly, and whenever I smell Philosykos, I get brought back to that time in my life. I think I stopped wearing this when the scent (and the fig note) became so popular that Philosykos made the Diptyque brand so common place among a certain crowd. Today, on the day of the Summer Solstice, I wore it and was surprised by how I felt. It still conflicts me, but I love how, to this day, I am still challenged by this scent. It is certainly still appealing, but I am a bit turned off by its fleetingness - it's 3 p.m. and it is almost gone, and I am a heavy sprayer in the morning. There's a part of me that wishes it stayed longer. Still, though, its composition still amazes me : the creaminess of the fig note, the earthiness of the bark notes. While it is no longer my favorite fig perfume (that would be Andre Putman's Preparation) Philosykos will be always close to my heart. 

P.S. Perhaps I should try the EDP which was launched in 2012?

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