Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Gone Wild (Book Review: Perfect Summer, Kailin Gow.

Maybe my first mistake was picking up this book, and then realizing later on that this was the second part of the "Loving Summer" series. Yes, folks, I never read the first part. So I was kind of a loss while reading the book. But most of these books stand alone, right? My second mistake was thinking that. Meanwhile, I read about Summer and her dilemma about choosing between brothers Nat and Drew. She loves them both, it seems, but she keeps on making the same stupid mistakes  - and she is a promiscuous who teases and sleeps with both brothers. Tacky. I am no prude, but the sex scenes here are more gratuitous than normal. And that would have been no problem except for the fact that this book is probably marketed for teenage girls Or am I just getting older? I cannot appreciate this book at all, and felt it was a waste of my time reading it.

BC = 40

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