Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Thieves Wore Prada (Movie Review: The Bling Ring)

In this age of celebrity and material obsession, of course there would be a movie called "The Bling Ring." The Bling Ring is a name of a notorious gang who stole millions of dollars worth of "stuff" from celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Audriana Partridge, and Miranda Kerr, among others. This movie, directed by Sophia Copolla, is an almost sympathetic look at them. I left the movie theater feeling like I needed a shower. I think this movie glamorizes them. These kids idolized Hilton and their ilk: celebrities who are famous for being famous, and these kids wanted to be them, and wanted to achieve that fame and notoriety by also doing nothing. While I found the movie (and the story, based on a Vanity Fare article by Nancy Jo Sales) interesting, I have such disdain for these characters and I only feel like there would be people who would idolize these creeps. (As a matter of fact, one of the ring leaders of the gang, Nick Prugo has hinted that he already has a reality show in the works, and he has been barely out of jail)  Maybe I am old now, but I really find this focus on all luxury material goods so disgusting, and I think this movie makes them almost like heroes. They are shot glamorously, and the actors, a handsome bunch, are shown in their spiffiest best. While I have no doubt that these images are true, I just despise their representation. Or maybe I am just getting carried away with the film - I like Copolla as a director, and I guess I should commend her for making a movie that got a big rise out of me. I must admit that I googled these people after I saw this movie and look at this video of Nick Prugo. he seems unremorseful, and even elated by his celebrity status after he came out of jail. This is truly sickening.

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