Saturday, June 22, 2013

Moms The Word (Television Review: The Fosters, Mondays on ABC Family)

When I was growing up, my favorite family shows were "Family," and "Eight is Enough." My, how times have changed, indeed because nowadays we have ABC Family's "The Fosters," which, of course, is being touted as one that celebrates the modern family: they have two moms. I find it kind of sweet that they refer to their mom as "Moms" in plural form, as in "Why did you tell Moms?" I also find it very refreshing to see this featured in as mainstream a channel as ABC Family. And this must really pose as some kind of threat to the conservative agenda, as it is already being targeted by those insipid One Million Moms. I do wonder if the next generation will even care about these things. But back to the show, it's well done, sure, but quite...banal. Besides the two moms, there really is nothing else that distinguishes this from any other generic family show: even the kids are cliches. There's the sensitive older son who plays piano but with a controlling A-list girlfriend. There's are these twins who are ying and yang. The moms take in two foster kids - a sister and a brother, and of course it causes tension among the brood. By the third episode, things are settling in, but the story lines are predictable: the older son is getting attracted to the young foster girl, of course, making the girlfriend jealous. I want to see something that will excite me, and I wish I knew what it was, unfortunately, I don't see it yet. But there is great acting all the round, especially and led by the two moms, played by Teri Polo and Sherri Saum. I just hope I don't lose interest in this before it gets really good.

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