Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Jayne (Perfume Review: Ormond Jayne, Ta'If)

I love rose scents, in all kinds, shapes, and forms. So it was kind of fitting that about three years ago, when I first discovered the house of Ormond Jayne, Ta'if was the first one I tried from them. Ta'if is based on the Arab Damask rose, which as thirty petals. This is th description from their website: 

A damask rose from Arabia. Ta´if, a town rising 5000 ft above the shores of the Red Sea and overlooking the Arabian desert, is renowned for its plantations of Ta´if rose. Ta´if by Ormonde Jayne is an intoxicating and audacious rose scent. This perfume dislikes daylight preferring dusk, the night, parties, promises and assignations. It is an opulent composition which makes a bold entrance and is confident enough to sweep everyone else to one side – a real belle of the ball. Ta´if is flamboyant but also sophisticated, a torrid blend of saffron, pink pepper, rose, dark sappy tree resins and broom – it is dynamic, daring and madly in love with life.

The one thing I always notice about Ormonde Jayne scents is that whatever note they interpret - it is always sheer, transparent, and watery. The rose here feels that way - it is not jammy like a fruit rose, or dark like a rose with oud - this one is more on the sunny side (I get hints of jasmine and freesia) and while a lot of people get saffron here, on my skin I don't.  There's cold watery dew here, like smelling a rose first thing in the morning - there's a "coldness" to the scent.  I like it lots, and the rose is not too sweet that it's too feminine smelling - a dude can totally rock this. When the trademark Ormonde Jayne drydown kicks in, you still get hints of the rose, but thew woody, resin-y base note stays. I love Ormonde Jayne as a house, but my one complaint with them is that most of their scents dry down exactly the same way - as if that woodsy drydown was a signature to all their perfume. While it is appealing, it makes me feel like I have the same perfume over and over again. But then again, maybe that's for the best.

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