Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfume In A Pear Tree (Perfume Review: Jimmy Choo EDP)

I got Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum a long time ago, cheap, as it was a tester. It was a blind buy, and I thought why not? A luxury brand like that would not put out an inferior product. I was kind of right - Jimmy Choo EDP is a well-done perfume, a fruity floral/fruitchouli base that was very popular around that time, although this was released February 2011, so it just hit the tail end of the trend. It has notes of pear and musk, and that clean patchouli that we have all smelled a million times. It starts out with a burst of citrus and pear - it gives the fruit a brightness, but quickly disappears. There is a bit of musk that lingers, and that gives it weight, and some aldehydes to keep it from smelling like refrigerator juice. It's still sweet, though, but maybe a bit more perfume-y than your standard fruity floral. I have worn this for the past two days in hundred degree weather, and the first thought that has come to my mind? This smells very dated - while it was trendy at some point, now it just seems kind of sad. I find it kind of not in sync with the brand - Jimmy Choo shoes are supposed to be timeless, and while this perfume is probably a crowd pleaser (I bet non perfumistas love it) for me it is akin to Fabreeze room freshener.

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