Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hearts Arranged (Book Review: Arranged, Catherine McKenzie)

"Arranged," by Catherine McKenzie takes on an interesting concept: the arranged marriage. In this day and age, you scratch your head and wonder why, right? But for some people, it still works. I had an ex-officemate of Hindu descent who went through one, arranged by his parents. I curiously asked him once if he regretted it, and he said absolutely not, and that he and his wife were very happy to have found each other. And I saw this twinkle in his eye and I knew he meant it. At times I ask myself, wouldn't everything be so easy if everything was arranged like that and it always worked? But of course, nothing is as clear as that. Anne Blythe is a thirty something woman who jsut got out of a relationship, and one day finds a card in the street for a company she later finds out arranges weddings for couples. She is hesitant at first, but goes through with it. I have to admit that in the beginning I was also resistant to the idea in the novel, and just read along until the story hit a "surprise" that you thought you would see coming, but do not. I thought that is when the book hit its stride, and the ride became very enjoyable. I loved Anne and wanted the best for her. But as much as I respect her decision for an ending, I still kind of disagreed with her. But I guess that would just be me. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of this book. 


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