Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Cher For Summer (Music Review: Cher, Woman's World [Single] )

Watching Cher tonight has made me realize that she is truly a living legend. And she will be performing at the New York City Pride Dance on Sunday, singing her new single "Woman's World." I guess I should write about it. When I first heard the song, I wasn't much impressed. I thought it was derivative of "Believe." The song sounded like something we have all heard before, and the lyrics, while anthem-ish for sure, were a bit on the hokey side. But as I thought and listened to it more, I just had to think, this is Cher. I mean, she is 66 years old, and this song is the perfect summer dance anthem. I can see any dance floor exploding as the beat pounds to an orgasmic crescendo, and who the hell contemplates on the lyrics anyway. This is an empowering song, make no mistake, and years from now, I will associate it with the Summer of 2013. This is officially my Summer Anthem.

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