Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Scent Of Dole (Perfume Review: Histoire du Parfums 1804)

This morning had cold temperatures, and I just wished I were in Hawaii. I wanted to be in a hammock by a tropical lanai, gazing at waterfalls, taking a dip in silky blue waters.  Whenever I feel like this, I scent myself with either one of two perfumes: Kai ( which I review here ) or, as I did this morning, Histoires de Parfums 1804. This  as one prominent note: pineapple. Before Creed's Aventus, there was this. I remember at the time I thought it was quite novel, and this is pineapple in the classiest way. I wish I had Aventus in my wardrobe to compare this with. I sampled Aventus and like it, but have to properly wear the scent to fully experience it. But back to 1804, the prominent pineapple note is front and center here, from the first spritz, and stays to the dry down.  The initial burst of pineapple is joined by some peach, and a flower bouquet of rose, ylang ylang, and gardenia, and this rounds up the fragrance. That, I think is the beauty of this scent. The flowers frame the fruit, making it quite a unique fruity floral. As the perfume develops further, the pineapple is still prominent, but now some musk comes in, and the sweetness gets more weight, though it never gets dark. There's just a hint of patchouli that brings the earthiness here, making the tropical vibe even more authentic. Imagine picking the pineapples from dirt soil. The sillage is strong, and the longevity is like stealth. You have to have a bit of personality to pull this off, it's kind of loud and calls attention to itself. This is definitely not for everyone, but for the right person, this pineapple is super juicy!

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