Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Born To Love You (Book Review: Beth Harbison, Always Something There To Remind Me)

Is it true that your first real love never dies? That no matter what happens, the love of your love will forever be that, and you can never replicate those feelings with anyone else? These were the questions I were contemplating on my mind after finishing Beth Harbison's "Always Something There To Remind Me."  Erin Edwards and Nate Lawson were High School Sweethearts. But a petty disagreement breaks them apart, and years later they show up in each other's lives, and it seems that everything is too late for them. To make matters worse, Nate married Erin's high school BFF, Theresa. But they both know that they have feelings for each other. Will all these obstacles be breakable for the name of true love? I think we would all be fooling each other if we said we didn't know how this story would end, but the fun part is getting there. Harbison does a good job of narrating how true love *feels* and we instantly get caught in the story and root for the main character(s)  The story doesn't always ring true: there are some questionable decisions the characters make. But, the journey is color enough.

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