Sunday, November 10, 2013

See, Smell, Yawn (Perfume Review: See By Chloe)

A trip to the mall means a trip to Sephora, and as always, I am interested in some of the commercial perfumes. I walk up and down the aisle, but nothing calls, so I just spritz on See by Chloe, which I see was out at the end of last year. This is one of those perfumes that just by looking at the ad campaign, you can sense what kind of smell it will be. So, look at the print ad above: a young girl, wearing a leather jacket and panties. My take ? This would cater to a that girl, you know, the one who goes out at bars, shops at Bleecker Street, and pretends to eat a cronut. This makes sense, because See is Chloe's diffusion line, marketed towards a younger clientele. So, Voila! - the initial burst is fruity. Apples - more green apples - and a hint of pears. It's sweet, syrupy, a bit screechy. I sense just a hint of bergamot and ylang ylang, and I wish there were florals, but the tart apple dominates. This is fruit all the way, almost like a Hello Kitty fragrance, but in all fairness with more quality ingredients. I wore it and rolled my eyes, because, frankly, this is not just me. As it dried down, it turned more nutty, but I don't know if what I am smelling was my olive scented dry oil underneath. This is not an offensive fragrance by any means, but it is far from the most creative, so it is exactly how I expected it to be. Would I wear it? Sure, why not. I would never buy a full-priced bottle of it. But if I were, say, going to the mall, this may be the appropriate thing to wear then.

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