Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Brought In The Rain ? (Book Review: Susan McBride, The Truth About Love & Lightning)

You have to really believe in magic when you read a book that has a lot of magical and enchanting elements. I guess you can say my taste gravitate more towards the raw and real. That is probably the reason why I didn't really enjoy Susan McBride's "The Truth About Love & Lightning." It's  a fine novel: simple and charming. It has a great heart, but I just didn't get it. I couldn't connect to it, and thought the characters were underedeveloped. I know I am supposed to just give in to the unbelievable aspects of the story. I know that this is supposed to be illogical, and you just go with the flow. I blame me. I couldn't wait for the book to finish, and knew about its "twist" a couple of pages in. The funny thing is that I wanted to like it and gave it a couple of chances. Still, no sell.

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