Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Beauty, Or Not, Of Depression (Book Review: The Beauty That Is Us, KJ Boye)

What a depressing read.  Consider this fair warning: reading K J Boye's "The Beauty That Is Us"  may make you want to slit your wrist. If you ever wanted to go inside the mind of a person suffering from depression, then by all means read this book. It is a story of Adrian and Jake, a couple, both with HIV, and then one of them contracts brain cancer, and the other loses a parent in the middle of the ordeal. I mean, talk about catchign a break with these two. I felt so down while reading it that I could only brace for more bad to happen, and Boye doesn't fail me there - there was more despair to be had. I wanted to finish the book right away not because I wanted to know what would happen to these characters, but because I just wanted to rid of them. Yes, I feel like a meanie but these kinds of stories happen to people, but I just didn't feel any joy in reading this story. Even the slight uplift at the end of the story felt like it was too late.

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