Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scent And The City (Perfume Review: Tom Ford Urban Musk)

Even though I love Tom Ford scents, I don't succumb to them. Maybe because of his gall with regards to pricing his scents. A private collection bottle, 1.7 oz,  has a price point north of two hundred dollars at least, and I always say, even Serge Lutens is cheaper. I mean, who does Tom think he is? But I will admit - he does great scents, and I feel (because I do not know for sure) that he is one of these designers who actually *loves* scents. Even his creations with Estee Lauder and YSL were all stellar. I mean, we can credit (or blame) him for creating the oud phenomenon. So, where was I? Oh yes, today, I tried his Urban Mask for maybe the third time, and again, I liked it a lot, but wasn't emotionally attached to it enough to get it. Maybe I really do need a "proper" wearing of this, meaning, getting a separate sample and using it for a whole day. Today, it seemed weak. Last time I remember it was dirtier, skankier, and today it seemed almost...tame. There's musk in the beginning and it's glorious, I admit. But as I wore it, the scent became, for like of a better word, "cleaner."I get the black pepper in the beginning, but today it just disappeared instantly (maybe the slightly balmy weather is the culprit?) Then I got amber, and it's a weak one, the musk actually dulled it. This time 'round, too, I didn't get the jasmine, which I remember to be on the indolic side last time I wore it (That was its big appeal to me then) As time progressed, the musk became whiter, which kind of make sense from the packaging and bottle - and I am just projecting now, of course. Is this one of those scents that you become less and less enamored as you wear it? Maybe, and that is on the practical side a good thing, because it is saving me money. 

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