Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Can't Blame Katherine (Book Review : An Abundance Of Katherines, John Green)

Today while at the movies I saw a preview of Wes Anderson's newest movie. Everyone in the theater was laughing, but I did not even crack a smile. I felt that way about his movie "The Royal Tannenbaum," and I know a lot of people who would put that movie on top of their all-time lists. I thought of this after reading John Green's "An Abundance Of Katherines." I just didn't get this book. I thought the characters were inauthentic and never believed them for a moment. The road trip that Coin and Hassan took did not sound real, or adventurous to me, and their destination sounded so fake. I just chuck this all to not being able to identify with the characters in the book. I thought Colin would be a hopeless romantic based on his character's description, but I wasn't convinced he was by the way he as written. I found this to be a huge disappointment because I the other Green book I read, "The Fault In Our Stars" was superb. (78)

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