Saturday, November 23, 2013

Matthew Trimmings (Music Review: Matthew Morrison, A Classic Christmas)

So I go from reviewing one Matthew (McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club) to Matthew Morrison and his new Christmas EP, "A Classic Christmas."  It's always nice to get a new release from Morrison, as I like his voice. I think I have said this before, but I think he has a "handsome" voice. It's hard to explain, and this is just a personal thing, but he has one of those voices where you hear it and you just know that the person possessing the voice is very good-looking. Well, just look at the album cover above and you can't deny that in this particular instance, my theory stands. He sings these classic songs very well, and you will do well playing these songs while trimming your tree. Produced by Phil Ramone, the album sounds great. I wish, though, that the arrangements were a little bit more adventurous.  They showcase his voice well, and he successfully navigates these standards. "O Holy Night," sung with a choir, stirs, and I like the pairing of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" with "Meli Kalikimaka," where he gives the song a sort of surfer dude vibe. A good album to add to your Holiday collection.

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