Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hipster Ha (Movie Review: Frances Ha)

"Frances Ha" is one of the best-reviewed movies of the year, but I missed it at the cinemas and I am catching it up on Netflix Streaming (Netflix is real great in the instant gratification sense - I read that this movie was available on streaming, and almost five minutes later I am watching it)  I want to be honest: I appreciate this movie more than I like it. I get what it is trying to do: an inky black and white movie about a sort of coming-of-age. Greta Gerwig plays the title character, who is a young woman straight out of Vassar. She is a dancer but really isn't good enough to be a professional one. At the start of the movie, she is rooming in Brooklyn with her best friend Sophie and they have this very close relationship. We see their closeness slowly disintegrate, as life does. We see Frances in different addresses (the movie chops up episodes based on her current dwellings) and we see her grow up (kind of) and make mistakes, and at the end of the move she is in a different place (figuratively, too)  This movie is on the self-indulgent side, and the character of Frances isn't very likeable. I think why I didn't enjoy it more is based on who I am more than what the film is. These characters aren't appealing to me: these young, hipster and semi-hipster people grate on my last nerve, and it is more credit to the movie that they are believable enough for me that I dislike them instantly. Additionally, the world these characters are in is very foreign to me, and I just don't want to visit that world. I actually do like the structure of the movie, and I trust that the screenplay is accurate to the way these people talk to each other. Gerwig is a good actress, and as a matter of fact, she makes the character more bearable for me. In the end, though, I did not want to spend a minute more with the characters, and the film. Like a museum piece that I admire but don't connect with, I will move on tot he next piece.

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