Thursday, November 14, 2013

Run Away To Before (Book Review: Chose The Wrong Guy, Gave Him The Wrong Finger, Beth Harbison)

I was reading another Beth Harbison book ("Always Something There To Remind Me") when I chanced upon her more recent book. "Chose The Wrong Guy, Gave Him The Wrong Finger."  Well, why not read these two books back to back, no? In this novel, the main character, Quinn Barton finds out on her wedding day that her soon-to-be-hubby has been cheating on her. The messenger of this news? Her fiancee's brother, who is also in love with her. So she becomes a runaway bride and leaves for Las Vegas with the brother. Cut to ten years later, and we find out it didn't really work out with the brother either. She is still loveless, after all these years. Then she is faced with both these gentlemen again. Harbison is an expert on these kinds of set-ups, but since I just read another book of hers with a similar plot, that may have been a disadvantage because I can sense quite a few instances from her drawing from a "formula." But I will judge this alone. This is readable, and engrossing enough for me to finish in about a day. And I liked the fact that there is a little bit of suspense in the end. (Though one look at the title of the book and there really shouldn't have been any surprise) It also feels just a bit hollow. I wonder if there was a chapter about the trip to Vegas for example, and if it was edited out. I felt there wasn't enough back story for the man she eventually ended up wth. It's as if we were being set up for something, only for us to be given a twist just for twist's sake.

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