Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Everything Is Rose-y (Perfumed Product Review: Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel)

I am a shower gel whore.  If you go to my shower, you will see a myriad of choices, and I "match" what I use with my mood, and what perfume I will be wearing that day. So I just had to try the limited edition release "Rose Jam" from Lush. truth be told, I used to love Lush, but their vegan, "fresh" products just got a little too "weird" for me. Still, a rose-scented shower gel? I am so there. This isn't an old-fashioned rose though. It's a delicious "jammy" one - it smells good enough to eat, as it is infused with goji berry- and the vanilla pods give it extra weight. This is a dark rose, and it is intense, and could be quite heavy. The conditioning oils make your skin feel silky-smooth, and after the shower, the rose scent lingers but really does not overpower. It is the perfect layer product if you are wearing a rose scent for the day. For example, yesterday I wore Serge Lutens' "La Fille du Berlin' and it gave the scent softness. La Fille Du Berlin has a slight metallic note, and this gave iit just a little cushion. Rose Jam has become a perfumista favortie. I have read countless positive reviews. Plus, this is a limited edition release, and will not be available after December 25. Boo. I may now have to get the matching Rose Jam perfume (which is also limited edition, natch)

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