Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comes Down To Reality, And it's Fine By Me (Music Review: Barbra Streisand & Billy Joel, 'New York State Of Mind')

There was a time when all in the world, a new Barbra Streisand song was considered an "event."  I would like to think that we still live in that world now, so I am writing about Barbra's new single "New York State Of Mind," from her forthcoming album, "Partners." The new album is a duets album, and in this particular track she is singing with Billy Joel. This is a song that is resonating with me lately, especially on days when I miss New York City.  It's a very Barbra track, and she blends well with Joel, although the chemistry isn't combustible between them.  (There's a cute attempt at that at the end when Barbra says, "Billy why don't we get some pizza," and he answers "how about some Chinese?")  There is your typical oversinging on both ends, and that's just fine as I didn't expect otherwise.  I wish the arrangement was a little more tender, as I think that brings out the heart of the song. But it's still a new Barbra track, and yes, that's a cause for celebration.

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