Sunday, August 24, 2014

Leather In A Rosebud (Perfume Review: Tom Ford White Suede)

I seem to be infatuated with the leather note this week. Well, I have always been, but more so this week. With the weather still hovering in the high temperatures, it sometimes isn't the best decision. But it's probably a result of a eau de cologne rebellion: I feel like I have been using those lately, as they seem most appropriate on the triple-digit days. Yesterday, I put on Tom Ford White Suede, a scent I have not used in a long time. I wanted to wear it a day after I wore Dior's Cuir Cannage, because in my mind they are similar. White Suede has notes of rose and leather, with musk and saffron in there. It sounds very derivative, but this is Tom Ford of course, and everything he does, he does well. On my skin, it seems like the rose is completely sidelined. The suede is big - it's that appealing, slightly sour (in a good way) kind, like an expensive bag. The saffron creeps up, and the musk kicks in. It's a real leather-musk accord, but it's not dirty. The blend is sophisticated and expensive smelling. White Musk nowadays is a warning sign for me. It very rarely delivers. But here, it really does smell like white musk as it is intended to be. It isn't the dirty musk I love, but at the same time it's not the clean homogenized kind either. The biggest surprise for me, though is how the perfume bloomed so differently on my scarf. I spritzed and now, a day later, the perfume on fabric seems so different: a nice rose/leather blend that is unique and pretty. It's so graphic and beautiful that I can't stop touching the scarf and sniffing. I want that perfume on my skin, as it seemed like a whole different one from what I was wearing yesterday.  Was it the heat that made it smell so differently on my skin? I will have to wear this on a colder day sometime when the chill arrives.

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