Saturday, August 9, 2014

Smell Every Mountain (Perfume Review: Creed Himalaya)

The day has come. I thought it would never arrive. I am wearing (and writing about it ) a scent by Creed.  I confess to be a hater of Creed. I think they are vastly overrated - its scents are not unique, it has obnoxious fanboys, and the astronomical price points are not justified. But recently, I got offers on (very) cheap bottles, and what the hell, I dove right in. After all, can you consider yourself a scent aficionado if you don't have some in your collection? Today I am wearing Himalaya. This scent was created by Olivier Creed (with Erwin Creed) based on his climb of the Himalayan mountains.  So you can just imagine what it smells like based on the visual: a high mountain that's topped with snow. Fresh, aquatic, imposing. Yes, I think those words can best describe Himalaya. It's clean-smelling, for sure, with a great big citrus burst of bergamot and grapefruit in the opening. It's powerful, and creates an impression, for sure. It then goes into clean woods - sandalwood, cedar, amber. They are blended with finesses - none of the individual woods stand out.  I must say that Creed uses quality material - in that way their price is justified. But after sparing the perfume, you know you have smelled it before somewhere. There is nothing in it that's inspiring to me, it does not incite imagination for me. I think Creeds are perfect office scents - they will not offend anyone, and they give an impression of a well-dressed man. How do I feel about it now? I am glad I have it, and I wear it gladly. But if I had not gotten these at bargain-basement prices, i would not have given them a second look.

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