Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unlove Letters (Book Review: You Only Get Letters From Jail, Jodi Angel)

Short story collections are getting more appealing for me. I get too tired at night most times so I can only read for a certain amount of time, so reading Jodi Angel's "You Only Get Letters From Jail" was good because I could one short story before going to sleep and feel like I have accomplished something. But, the stories in this collection are brutal and can sometimes be so affecting that I end up thinking more. That's a good thing - great books make you think, make you reflect, they give you a better understanding of yourself. The stores here are connected by a theme: male teenagers who experience something that makes them cross to manhood. Some of them get thrust to it quickly, suddenly, while others percolate to it. Most of the stories are memorable, although at times they drive same exact points. But Angel has a good voice, and can essay different points of view. Some of these stories are quite heartbreaking, and worth a read. 

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