Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whine I Was Here (Movie Review: Wish I Was Here)

If a movie is endorsed by harry Styles, it has to be good, right? If, like me, you had to think about who Harry Styles is, then we are on the same wavelength. Zach Braff, best known for his television work in "Scrubs,"  co-wrote, directed, and stars in "Wish I Was Here," and he probably fancies himself the modern-day Woody Allen - he is currently starring on Broadway on a show based on one of his movies ("Bullets Over Broadway")  But the connections end there. This movie is disjointed, self-indulgent, and frankly, boring. He plays a 35 year old struggling actor who is forced to face life's hardships, as they come head on.  So, he managed to coast through 34 years and now, boo hoo, he has to grow up. He sounds like one of those entitled people I loathe, so how can I be expected to root for him? That is my main problem with the movie - I never liked any of the characters, and did not care about them.  But I do commend Brach for doing a somewhat impossible feat:  squeezing a heartfelt, subtle performance from Mandy Patinkin, who always chews scenery. And I never believed Kate Hudson as Brach's wife here - she is much too "cheery" for the movie, which has one theme: whine. I think what particularly doomed this move was the casting of Josh Gad, who single-handedly manages to ruin any show or movie he is cast in.  I should have scanned the cast before watching.

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