Friday, October 17, 2014

A Satisying Quickie (Book Review: Money's On The Dresser, Christopher Daniels)

Christopher Daniels used to be a Las Vegas based male porn star and gay escort and in this book, "Money's On the Dresser," he writes about his experience as those hyphenates.  It's a thin book (176 pages) because, presumably, it only covers a couple of years. And really, it even needs to be edited - some ideas and thoughts are repeated more than once and can really be trimmed. But, this is an honest book: it's insightful, and is told from a very specific point of view that makes it very readable. You may or may not agree with some of his choices. For example, he seems to have a self-destructive streak that can be dangerous, and we really do not see a lot of emotional growth from the first page to the last. But he is young enough to learn from his mistakes, and I do believe he needs to experience some of these trials for his emotional I.Q.  As a read, it's a great and satisfying quickie, which is probably akin to one of his hourly sessions.

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