Friday, October 31, 2014

Due To One Little Word, Married (Television Review: Marry Me, NBC)

NBC's "Marry Me" is another rom-com sitcom, this one from real life newlywed couple David Caspe and Casey Wilson. He was also a writer and she starred in "Happy endings," which was a mild hit on ABC. I remember not liking that show, but am giving this one a try. The pilot was a hoot. It started out by having Annie (Wilson) and Jake (ken Marino) arriving from a vacation in Mexico where she thought she was going to be engaged. Upset, she started to riff and insult him and his friends and family, not knowing that they were all hiding in their apartment for her surprise engagement party. After more mishaps, the couple finally get engaged by the end of the episode. But, where does the series go from there? I guess it would explore their relationship as they start to live together, until they get married? I was skeptical, and the second and third episodes weren't as funny as the pilot, though I am liking the supporting cast more (JoBeth Wiliams as Jake's father is a standout) I am also having likeability issues with the leads. While I like Marino, Wilson sometimes rubs me the wrong way, as I sometimes thinks she tries too hard. But I have seen worse.

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