Thursday, October 23, 2014

Born Yesterday (Television Review: Manzo'd With Children, Sundays on Bravo)

Truth be told,  Caroline Manzo isn't my favorite New Jersey housewife. Well, I actually don't have a favorite New Jersey housewife. Although I watch the show, I only do so out of force of habit. So when Caroline's spinoff show "Manzo'd With Children" started airing, I added it to my DVR because, well, why not, and since I enjoyed "Domn't Be Tardy For The Party," Kim Zolciak's spinoff, I thought this show might duplicate the energy of that. But, really, I have seen four episodes of this show, and all I can say is that it is boring, Caroline herself do not hold my attention, and her children, Albie, Christopher, and Lauren all annoy me. Plus, it's just so blatantly fake. I mean, I am no fool, I realize all these shows aren't really 100% authentic, but every premise here seems to be manufactured and I am not even interested enough to roll my eyes. I mean, who would really believe that her adult sons Chris and Al went back home to live with Caroline ( That has been disputed in this article )  And coincidence of all coincidences, their gay BFF Greg just happened to be in town the first week they started filming? I wan't born yesterday (Make mental note to delete show from DVR)

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