Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Love That Is More Than Love (Book Review: The Greatest Love Story Of All Time)

I always bring a fully-stocked Kindle during my vacations, but more often than not, I get so wrapped up in my destinations that I never get to really read.  I started reading Lucy Robinson's "the Greatest Love Story Of All Time" and I just couldn't stop reading. Perhaps it's because I visited London and a lot of the scenes and locales used in the book sounded familiar that i got really engrossed. or maybe because the book hooks you instantly. The main character Fran just turns thirty and is dumped by her boyfriend, and is told to wait as to why her boyfriend, Michael, broke up with her. Even though you scratch your head with some of the developments,  Robinson makes Fran likeable even if a lot of times you disagree with a lot of her decisions. The last quarter of the book is frustrating - you know that her decisions will come back to bite her in the ass. The final ending is unexpected, as far as these books go, and I don't know if I fully agree with it or not to be honest. But that's life. The book is engrossing enough to make me want to keep on reading.

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