Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What If We Fall In Love? (Movie Review, What If)

On paper, "What If" seems perfect for me.  Rom-Com? Check? Cute guy? Daniel Radclife, hello! Meet Cute? Corny, but I eat it up all the time. Yet all in all, What If didn't really satisfy as much as I thought it would. Or maybe I had too much high hopes for it? Or maybe, I am just much too old for these freaking things. Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan play would-be lovers. Do millennials fall in love differently than older generations? Of course not. Love is love, no matter what age or generations. But Wallace and Chantry (their character's names) from the beginning till the end suppress their feelings because of entanglements. I wanted to shout out to the  characters to follow your hearts, you are still young, you can make mistakes. But as such, love is always heavy when you feel it, and when you think it is not working out for you. Radcliffe plays "puppy dog eyes" pretty well and yes he is charming and adorable here. It is nice to see him in a contemporary role, and even better that he speaks in his natural British accent. Here he is swoon-worthy, complete with an attractive vulnerability that will make you just want to take him under your wings. Kazan is initially an odd choice, and her character isn't the most sympathetic. But Kazan has great instincts and she wins you over ultimately. You want to root for these two but hey this is a rom-com, you know what to expect. I wish the movie touched me more, but I felt a detachment from it. Maybe I am too old and know that love is ultimately fleeting. but I do think "What If" is good for at least a lonely Saturday night. Your mileage may vary.

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