Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Good Batch Of Patch (Perfume Review: Erminigildo Zegna Javanese Patchouli)

A friend of mine who read my review of Zegna Iris Florentine  wrote to me and told me that I should try Javanese Patchouli from the same Zegna Essenze line. "You probably will like that much better," he told me. So I searched and found I had a sample of that, too. Well, he was right. I did like Javanese Patchouli better. I don't know if Javanese patchoulis are better than other patchoulis but this one is smooth, clean, and expensive-smelling. This scent is really linear, it starts and end with a glorious patchouli note. I always associate the note with the 60s hippies generation, so whenever I encounter a patchouli thatis luxe-smelling, I always pay attention (a good example would be L'Wren Scott's eponymous perfume, which skews slightly female)  I had to think if I had some other patchoulis on my collection, and I think I have the Dior Patchouli Imperiale  as well as Givenchy gentlemen, which I used to wear a lot when I was younger. Javanese Patchouli would be a great addition to complement my collection. I wish the price point on this was more reachable, but I may have to bite the bullet.

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