Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey (Movie Review: Dear White People)

Are racial relations better now that we are under a black President? That seems to be the permeating question behind the movie "Dear White People," written and directed by Justin Simien. Times have certainly changed and it isn't merely black and white anymore, it's more fifty shades of grey. There is black culture, and numerous sub cultures. There's economic hierarchy now of course, too, and in the fictional setting of Winchester University, all these issues come head to head. Simien writes eloquently equal parts of wit and intelligence, and I am afraid that since this is not my generation, a whole lot of references went over my head. And it was also good to sea one particular issue tackled here, like homophobia in the black community, with the gay part almost an "aside" on that issue. This is a movie I admire more than I like maybe because I understand it more than have a real emotional attachment to it. I think it speaks for and by this generation. It's heartening that such dialogue is discussed for them, much in the same vein as "Do The Right Thing" was for my generation. I appreciate the movie and its importance, but I fear that was about it for me.

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