Sunday, January 4, 2015

Unwedded Bliss (Book Review: Nearlyweds, Beth Kendrick)

I wanted something light to read and Beth Kendrick's "Nearlyweds" just fit the bill instantly. I mean, it even has a cute dog on the cover so this has got to be as cute a read, right? I wasn't wrong. It actually has a unique premise. Three couples get married on the same weekend, and the pastor who married them dies before signing their marriage certificates. So technically, they are all not legally wed. A curse or a blessing in disguise? The answer lies differently for each of these couples. Stella wants kids but finds out her husband has had a vasectomy. Casey feels insecure because she had to force Nick to marry her, even paying for her engagement ring. And Erin has a third person in their marriage: her mother in law. Nothing too new to see her, but Kendrick sets the proceeding quick and painless, and enjoyable enough to keep your attention. It could be worse. 


  1. I like Beth Kendrick. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I think this was m first Beth Kendrick.